Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chillin on the First Day of Spring

Earlier this week we had 80 degree weather.
That is unheard of in Longmont this time of year.  Usually it is our snowiest month and this week we turned on the sprinklers.
We Opened windows and did a bit of relaxing.
Getting ready for Spring

fixed some flat tires
had guitar lessons with Daddoo

waited patiently for a walk, or a treat, or anything really

and worked on the Pixel Painting.
This painting was not as "simple" as I had intended and I have crammed it all over the house so as not to see it.  
These next two months are my "get shit finished" months…so it came back to the art room.
You know what I actually relaxed a bit while working on it.
We will see how it turns out/
Can you tell what it is?

Have a good first day of Spring.
I'm knitting, running and then abs and shoulders….How about you?

write ya later

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