Saturday, March 3, 2012

One Step forward…you know the rest

Things have been moving along at normal household pace, which is fast when you want it to be slow and slow right when you are thinking, "come on all ready!"
Ilin Blue has been getting a bit or hair regrowth on the top of his head, how exciting is that?  contain yourself…He has enough that he says, "Hey Mom, when can we dye it?"   Uhmmmmm…. when you are 21, period.  This is a perfect example of lack of frontal lobe in teen boys.
He heads back to the doctor………

sooner than later, and here's why:
Hair growth good.   
Tuberculosis, not so much.  
Yes, you read it it correctly. 
 My kid got TB. 
 I don't know where you live, if its a 3rd world country then you know all about how TB works.  If you live in Ohio, probably wondering what kind of ghetto do I live in.
Our High School had an outbreak.  Just like the movies.  You can google Longmont High  and find all kinds of info.  Just like the movies, they did the best they knew at the time by only testing the kids with direct contact of the Student, and waiting to check the lower classes.   Oh happy day.
As and RN.  I freaked out right away, started running around like I had one short leg (in circles)  thinking , "they need to close the school, NOW, before everyone in town has it.  Shut that shit down like a Stephen King novel".  But did they listen to me?   No.  And that is partially my fault because I never attened any community meeting.  
Well…3 months later and the fact that my scrawny kid appears to be getting sicker instead of healthier we get a call from the hospital with a kind voice saying, "you need to bring Ilin to the ER for chest X-rays, he tested Postive for TB"
Fabulous.  Now, why wouldn't they have thought about the few kids who have auto immune, or comprimised systems?  they wouldn't.

So, here we are.  One scared kid with access to the internet, looking up death in the 19th century from TB and the rest of both of our households, heading to get our tests and chest X-rays.  I've been banned from work until I am cleared because who wants a nurse hacking TB onto them while she places an IV in your arm?  
This too shall pass.  
As usual, just another bump on the highway of life.


one of many said...

What can I say, other than, I hope those in your family that are healthy remain healthy and those that aren't, may they get back to health soon. Geez. Hang in there. The school REALLY mismanaged that one. At a minimum the school system needs to realize the impact their poor crisis management has had on your family.

Sagar Garg said...

Sagar Garg said...

Douglas said...

Poor Ilin. Can he have any more crap lumped on to his short life?