Friday, March 16, 2012

Vlad Shawl …done!…and a wee bit sick

I've been sick.  I took care of a lady who had Gastroenteritis and no matter how many times I washed my hands I knew I was going to get it.  She had butt water.  it was everywhere.  I think it just seaped into my pores.  So, to say the least, I have been feeling like shit, literally, shit.  Stomach ache, snot, achy.  I just want to curl up and sleep.  
Olive cried last night when I said I just can't go to the Burrito place with you guys (as my stomach is rolling)  "You never eat with us any more!!!!!!" So I sucked it up and went.  Then rolled around in bed clutching at my bowels.  
I took some medicine before bed then had all those crazy sick people dreams.  You know, dead parents hanging out in the back ground.  A few of the dead brothers.  I actually think I wrote a novel in that dream and I KNEW I should have written it down as soon as I woke up, but now I have forgotten it.  Hey, on the good side, my mom (the dead one in the dream) kept telling me how great it was.

I finally completed the Vlad Shawl.  I can now check" knitting lace" off my bucket list.  I don't wear shawls so not sure where this one will end up.

The weather is crazy hot out and of course I feel to sick to enjoy it.

Maybe I'll spend a bit of time trying to remember how that novel started.

write ya later

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