Monday, April 9, 2012

Dream a little dream

I dreamt my tongue fell off.  Really fell off.  No blood, no pain, I just had something in my mouth, it felt weird, I opened my mouth and it fell out onto the table. 

 Now, as a normal person I would ask my family and friends what they thought this might mean.  But, I don't think this dream science is a mystery.  Maybe I need to write more instead of talk more?  yeah, that is exactly what I think I will go with…  
To start, here are a few things I didn't say, because the premonition tongue dream kept me with liquor at lips without flappin my tongue at the family gathering yesterday.
As we get older we enjoy babies more and more because it keeps us from having to talk to to each other.  We just goo goo and gaa gaa over the newest member.  It's a quite effective non communication tool. As the party dragged on I could see the family similarities even though we are all different.  There comes a point where you just accept the fact people are different and praise the fact, and thank whoever is in charge, they didn't come out all the same, because Mother Nature has a way of picking the least favorable character and spreading it like wildfire in families.   Kind of like our "Graves' Nose".
In addition to our family we also had people who weren't family.  You know the "family friends" who come every year.  None of us really knew who they were, but knew they come every year.  Maybe they crashed the party in 2002 and it worked out so well they just keep coming back.  At this point they look so familiar it doesn't even matter.

"The tongue is a complex mass of muscle and nerve endings with several uses, but I believe in this case it is your ability to speak that is being symbolized. Your unconscious mind is telling you in a very graphic way that the speech pattern of old is giving way to something new. This might be wisdom, or manners, or kindness, or any number of changes."

write ya later

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