Wednesday, May 23, 2012

a few wonderful things happened.

As with any last child, the effort just isn't there like it was for the first.
I'm older, slower, smarter and possibly more drunk than with the first.
I have come to the realization that almost everything happens in time.  Seriously, pretty much all kids walk eventually, they eventually eat something other than plain spaghetti with butter, and most learn how to read.  it all happens in time.  
with that said…..
my daughter has finally gone 6 days in a row with out wetting her night time pull-up !!!!!
Party in the house!  She is almost 8.  She sleeps 12-13 hours a night without a budge.  So, you can see the problem.  I can barely go 5 hours with out the potty.  
Back to the good thing.   When she finally stops wetting she gets to get her room painted and a real bedroom set.  
Along with this accomplishment, I also mastered the art of bribery yesterday.  
She wanted an Archie comic book.  I said, "sure I'll get it, but you have to try to ride your bike …on the sidewalk."  she thought about it and said ok.
By the time we got home she had decided that wasn't a great Idea and said , No…then i said no Archie.
After a short screaming match she apologized and we headed to the park.
We have been attempting 2 wheels for 3 years now.  She wont do it.  BUT yesterday i said to her, " you are one inch taller, this should be a breeze (knowing she has no concept of height or what would make anything easier)"  She hopped on her 1967 Schwinn, basket, bell and all…and off she rode, squealing like a piglet.

See, good things do come to people who wait.

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Erin said...

Go Olive!
In the 2.5 short years I have been a parent I have already realized that our kiddos will do shit when they feel like it. The end.