Thursday, May 17, 2012

running, a love hate relationship

this is what I look like after I run 5 miles.  
look at those sexy pits.
Face is red.

Running,  love hate relationship. 
 So unlike beer, which is a love love relationship.  
But in order to eat and drink I must first run or workout.
The thing about running is that it is a competition with your self.  It really is the strangest thing.
You run, then you think, "man, this sucks.  I hate this.  I really am not enjoying myself."  run a bit farther. " Man, it's hot"  
"I have to poop"
"ok, maybe I can run to the next bathroom."
At this point, for me, it is a catch-22.  I know have to run or crap myself.  I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in this mantra for running.
Run so that you can find a place to poo.
or pee…usually it's poo.
runners bowels.
As I run, I also often wonder if it gets easier or more enjoyable.  After 3 years of running I still don't jump out of bed, slap on sunscreen and announce, "I'll be out enjoying my run!"
I usually try to put it off as long as possible then think of excuses as to why I shouldn't go.
running is one of the most rewarding things I've ever done for myself.
I started with Couch to 5k.  I had never run…ever….not even to escape a snake in the road.
I kept at it and did it.
My legs have never felt stronger.
my stomach/core has never been flatter or stronger.
there is no more super seat spread when i sit down in the car.
It's amazing.
Give it a try.  
It costs close to nothing, you can do it anywhere
just remember…
slow and steady wins the race.
if you have a hard time slow down, you are only racing with yourself.


Deb_a_na said...

I'm not sure how I "ran" across your blog, but I love your take on things. You inspire me. I've just started "working out" for the first time ever. My "working out", right now, consist of walking for a mile and a half on a treadmill and sometimes working my legs. I have no clue how to do any of this. Any advice?

v8grrl said...

Deb, You can do it!!!!
first thing is: clean eating. change your diet if you havent all ready. if you are on facebook I can invite you to a great group of girls with some great inspiration.
check out Oxygen Mag.

walking is great :) check out couch to 5k. you can download it to your pod…i had never run in my and that helped me to start.
just never beat your self up if you miss a day, but always try to start again if you do.

email me if you are on FB I'll give you an invite to the NLC