Friday, June 15, 2012

days to come

I know in years to come she won't remember any of this.  She more than likely will be another angry teen who hates her mom.  The memories of riding bikes to the park, to do art in the shade of the big tree,while watching fish jump, eating watermelon and pasta salad…and sipping ice tea…it will not even be a memory to her.  She will remember her mom worked all the time, yelled a lot and was horrible at planning birthday parties.
Ilin is moving on to his big teen years.  Driving and not talking.
She's almost 8 and all ready a handful.
I guess I'll just keep on keepin on.



Claire said...

She'll remember. And some day, appreciate.

Deb_a_na said...

I agree with Claire... She will remember even if it's through your photos and blogging. Write often. Tell your stories about her, how wonderful she is, how much you love her... She will read it one day and remember.