Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer in Colorado

It"s here.  Not quite so hot you can't do anything but still hot enough that excertion at mid day will melt you.
Longmont, Colorado sits right at the base of the foothills so we often have a nice warm breeze.  This time of year brings the everyday 30% showers, which I love.
We have made a deal with each other and Kris B and family that we  WILL attempt to enoy our surroundings this summer.  
Hike once a week
Bike instead of drive
use all the patios in town and at our houses
and camp.

This was our first week of summer  


Lapetitemort said...

Sam and I sat out on our deck, played music and drank wine and ate dinner there. Yep, start of summer. Hopefully, we'll do even more outdoors too this year. Need to go dust off the bicycles and put air in the tires!

Erin said...

Ilin is such a cutie and Olive looks just like him! Happy summer! It's already 100 degrees here. Oh well.