Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tea party for an 8 year old

Fires in the mountains, smoke all around, a lightening storm then winds like crazy.
everything blew away but the girls still managed to have fun
we had big plans.
Tissue Pompoms (they blew away)
beautifully decorated table (it blew away)
cucumber tomato petite sandwiches (dried up in the heat …it was 100)
Cupcakes with the dolls.
fun fun fun.
we did the best we could and they seemed to enjoy.
Each girl got a vintage teacup with a party favor of vintage sweeties and caramels and one berry teabag for home.
They all went home with vintage Shirley Temple paper dolls and outfits.

 bday girl
 cherry cupckaes with cream cheese frosting
 the prim and proper girls
Shirley T!
 pin the dress on the Shirley Temple
the dolls who joined the party
 coloring their cut out paper dolls.
Time for SUN TEA in our fancy cups….
and the best for last….gifts

I'm glad its done.
it was fun.  Not as perfect as I had planned and maybe not "mom blog perfect" but,
the party was a success.


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S said...

Perfection is overrated. Wonderful memories are not.