Tuesday, July 10, 2012

empty nest

I just realized that no one comes home anymore around here. It's my day off and I sit alone. Olive went across the street and I told her to be home in an hour...it's been 2. Ilin Blue went to his dads house 2 weeks ago for the weekend and still has not come home, and Bobby was supossed to be home 40 minutes ago....nothing. Is this empty nest syndrome? Is this where I now get stuck sitting at home, doing laundry, planning dinner and reminiscing about every thing I wished I had done? Maybe start reading "50 Shades of Grey"? (but from what I know about that book...been there, done that) I'm not ready to sit back and retire yet. I'm 43 not 73. I have humor left in my heart, springs in my steps and a few ideas left. Although I have all of that floating around I have no gumption to put in order right now. time to go fold the laundry and make dinner write ya later m

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