Thursday, July 12, 2012

it's Back…but not

Alopecia Sucks.
he was doing ok…then he said"Mom, I got a little spot, right here on the top."
It was little.
Maybe 1/2"
We went to the Dr.
She said, Let's try some steroid shots.
He said Ok.
Then 1 month later he is back to this.  
Summer, and he won't shave it.
He won't even look at it.
He lets me take a picture every month to keep track.

 The red on his neck is a birth mark
He still hasn't told anyone.  It's his secret, under his hat.
It will last a life time.

He has lost all the hair on his legs and arms.

I wish I could make him just shave the entire thing and go hatless.
But this is not my battle.
or my head.
or my hair.


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