Sunday, July 1, 2012

writing with love

Sitting in my drafts writing folder are multiple writings.  
All half finished. 
Just waiting.
Would you like to know whey they are just sitting there?  I'll tell you why.  Because every time I post I offend someone in my family or close friend.  Or I get an email from one of the unnamed which states , "that isn't true, or you must be crazy…or that is not what I remembered".  I understand that it is not what you remembered, but it is how I remembered it.  We all live our own lives, we all perceive what we feel at that time differently.

One by one I will hopefully write again.  Maybe I can chalk it up to writer's block.
Maybe to non inspiration



Queen of the Trailer Park said...


Kandy Reintges said...

hhhhhmmmmm.... I know who you are talking about.... I'll keep my mouth and fingers shut... go on writing. :)