Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cool Weather=kids in school and knitting!

The kids are back in school and I get a bit of my life back.  Just me and the big dog.  Doing what we do best.  Putzing about, working out, a little running, sewing, and knitting.
Know that I have switched to days as an RN it seems my sleep schedule has recovered and I now get to do do real people things.

I have been working on finishing up some old knitting projects

This one looks a little goofy because it wasn't blocked yet and I'm wearing a weird Tshirt.
But this little shrug is going to look great over a nice fitted top.
I need to still find a broach for the neck.
These are both on Ravelry.

On my last blog I posted that I had tied my bathing suit top too tight and maybe pinched a nerve….well, HA…so not what happened.
Comes to find out I had Shingles!  (stress much?)
Many, that shit hurt.
Felt like a million little hot needles stabbing me in the back/armpit.
I'm fine, and now I like to announce I have the Herp in my armpit….
Keeps the undesirables away.

With that said I'm going to head off the library, pick up a few books:
Study of the heart
Stuff in San Fran (for our upcoming trip)
PSAT study guide for Ilin
and maybe some gardening books


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