Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Typhoid…it's what's for dinner

A chore which brings so many people joy, brings me anger and hatred.  I guess the people who enjoy it don't actually call it a chore, right?  
From the minute I wake up to the minute I put the last dish in the dishwasher I feel anger…anger ANGER.

When in time did it become the woman's job to cook dinner?  Someone tell me when, please.  Because I want to go back in time and destroy that rule.
I think back to the history books and yes, my memory often fails me….the only woman I can remember who did a good job for the reason woman should not be the only cooks in the household is Typhoid Mary.  She cooked for everyone and managed to kill nearly everyone of them.  Now granted, I'm no Typhoid Mary, but if it could get me out of cooking multiple unappreciated meals for my family I would consider it.  I seriously would.

I can work a 12 hour day and come home to 3 perfectly capable, all limbs attached, intelligent people standing around waiting for dinner.  
Are YOU kidding me?   I should have dinner on the table waiting for me!  
Let me also say that my cooking skills are very slim.   I enjoy cooking vegetarian meals but as for Bobby…I can't put a meat and potato dinner together if my life depended on it.  I try.  I just can't get the timing down.  
To tell you the truth, even when I do cook an average meal it is so much work and no one gives a rat's ass I never want to do it again.  What's wrong with cereal for dinner?  

Maybe I should consult with the history texts and see if I can find a few of Typhoid Mary's recipes.
Do a little reinventing of the history timeline

Next I'm going to figure out who put us in charge of Laundry.



Queen of the Trailer Park said...

or put us in charge of the shopping, the cleaning, the name it WE do it...let's pool our resources and run away to visit Sue in the V.I.!!!!!!!

Deb_a_na said...

I get why women used to be the ones to plan, prepare and serve dinner. We used to be stay at home Moms... But times have changed. We work full time hours and still have to come home and feed our families. I don't so much mind the cooking, per say. What gets me every time is I spend my time after work cooking and it never fails, someone complains they don't want this or doesn't like that.

I told my husband tonight that there's no better way to say I appreciate you than to come to the table where a home cooked meal is waiting when they all get home and everyone complain and end up not eating. Makes me so happy, I want to do it all over again tomorrow! Not!!!

Tip to my family... Say thank you. Eat. Help clear the table. Cook every now and then. Or do without...

Lapetitemort said...

You deserve to come home to dinner done and ready. If I lived closer, I'd do dinner delivery for you. =)
I'm one of the rare people who really love to cook... just not do the cleaning afterwards. That's the part that makes me angry, angry, angry. I seriously thought by now we'd have Jetson's technology for that!

k said...

I have the same issue with a retiree who could make something... anything! I finally got him to empty the dishwasher, but I think he purposely puts them away where he knows they don't go. This morning i noticed that he fills one cupboard up with everything then moves to the next. I open the doors things fall on me! But I refuse to say anything.. I know he wants me to relieve him of his duty... not happening:)