Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Waterworld vs Alopecia

So we went to Water World last week… It was Aok….except for all the dirty feet, bandaids, and gross shared inner tubes.  
Olive learned to swim at Aunt Kandy's so of course she thought she was invincible.   Crazy!  Kris and I chose some crazy slide to start with since Olive had never been down a water slide….
I said, "I'll go first"
Big dummy!
They said cross your arms and legs, which I thought a good idea that way my boobs wouldn't come flying loose and scare the kids…as I started down the slide I really thought, "Not bad".  Then off I flew, Pitch black, water up the nose, wedgie up the cootch and lord I couldn't think or breathe…well, I did think…"Shit! Olive is right behind me and she hasn't ever done anything like this in her 8 years of life!"   with that last thought streaming through my mind I came shooting out of the tube of darkness into 8 feet of water!!!   I rearranged my lady parts and swam to the side, just in time to see Olive shooting like a marble down the death chute into the deep water.  I yelled "swim!, swim!"  (like that is going to help)  She gasped and dog paddled with a look of hatred on her face to the edge of the pool where I yanked her up by one arm and congratulated her on her very first slide.  Some nice parents on the side lines clapped and yell "Awesome landing".   If it wasn't for that, she would have yelled then punched me.  Moments later H came sliding out of the hole laughing and squealing.  (of course, she is a tough one).  We all got our suits in order and out shoots Kris.  Gasping but smiling, she comes to the edge, "Wow, that scared me!  I can't believe the girls did it!"  As the girls ran off to find the next tube of hell to go down Kris and I looked at each other with relief, "it really was scary wasn't it?"  "yeah, all I could think about was how scared the girls were gonna be".  "Me Too!!!!"  " Well, that's out of the way…"

We were at the park all day.  We stood in line after line.  Ilin and A were going to every crazy ride possible then we would some how meet up with them to go on the big 4 person inner tube rides.  
Ilin went hatless.   It was really amazing.  He and A didn't even seem to care or notice anything.  I kept quite and tried to be encouraging.  As Kris and I walked our tubes up to a starting point…she leaned over and said, have you noticed the people staring?  Yeah…I noticed.  But Ilin doesn't seem to notice.  She says to me, "It's really pissing me off"  I guess it kind of goes with the territory.  I mean his head looks crazy, but you can tell he didn't really plan it that way.  It's mostly kids, but let me tell you what breaks my heart.  A lot of teen girls were pointing and laughing.  I can't think about that.  One thing I can think about is…who doesn't teach their kids to be polite.  You wouldn't really laugh and point at a little kid who had cancer.  well, hell, maybe they would.
Whatever the case.  He did it…he went to the water park…sans the hat.

Here are our monthly Alopecia head updates
You can see where it is totally bald. (no hair follicles left)
The sides and his neck and that top part are totally smooth
 People say just shave it…but you can REALLY see the bald spots when he does.
The way it has grown right now, he can do this awesome
Donald Trump comb over, and thank goodness he is pretty tall because most people can't see the top of his head.
He has lost almost all the hair on his arms and legs.
Eyelashes and eyebrows still intact.

This school year is going to be interesting.
One last good thing.

I found a young girl via my readers of this blog to friend him on Facebook.
I think it really helped.  He came down and told me…"She lost her hair just like me…and she is doing ok."  I hope they continue to talk.
and…if she is reading this….

Thank you, xoxoxox

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