Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It's Wednesday, I'm having a beer…it's noon

It really is noon here, just so you don't think I'm a lush.  Well, I am a lush, it runs in the family…and lately I've needed it .  Hey, isn't that one of the signs you have a problem?  I have a few problems, but I'm going to say drinking beer at noon isn't one of them.  t may be at some point, but today, no.

It rained all night and with the rain came the smell.   
The smell of 1970's and living in a house from the 1960's.  
I feel like my house smells like we have this van parked in the garage

and when you enter the house
it smells as if this is going on.

It is the combo of the rain, the 1970's carpet in the basement, and the multiple family pets who lived here before us.   It's lovely…it's a lovely odor….one which hangs in your nostrils like the odor of a college dorm toilet.   
I have given up trying to clean it.  If I steam it, it multiplies.  It really just needs to all be ripped out.  Pinterest has no section for disasters for following pinterest ideas….and what may happen.
I dream of the new basement, the  basement with a bathroom, guest room, and big screen TV.
Not the smell of animals past. 
Any suggestions


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k said...

We had that problem! Cat piss on basement floor. Through the old linoleum and into the concrete .. Ripped all flooring and poured FULL strength Lysol in small areas at a time . Took forever but worked. A dehumidifier works too.