Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Runs

Today is Monday and I will run.  Right after I finish this post.  I cannot run away, but I can run at a pitifully slow pace around the Lake.  Slow and steady, then so slow, it's actually walking, but as they say…it's one step ahead of the people still on the couch.  Unless they are in that "Fit" thing where they carry the couch around the lake, grunting and yelling kudos to each other.   If I see these people I am going to ask for a ride.

I basically sat around all weekend trying to finish a knitting project I started a year ago.  I hated it then and I hate it more now, but it will soon be complete and my life will move forward. 

My bones have been hurting like no ones business,  just laying in bed hurts.  it's weird.  I'm going to chalk it up to my 25 year old mattress.  I actually wouldn't even call it a mattress, its a case of mites and dead skin I'm sure. gross
Just made my self shiver.

I better get to running my 3.2 miles around the lake, before I wander back up to the mite bed….and back to sleep.

xo, m

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k said...

Reminds me of those old disgusting twins of moms