Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween…The Feather Mohawk

I'm the kind of, " are they having beer or wine at that school function?" kind of mom.  I believe more people would show up and the school could make a huge profit.  You, know …charge 6$ for a tiny beer…I know I would pay when I had to sit through some of those recitals….
Back to the point.  I'm not always really involved with the kids stuff.  I volunteer.  I make the cupcakes, I do the low end….but Halloween…I like Halloween.  I like making the costumes.

I made this Dead Mau5 for Ilin
Powerpuff for Olive
I've even been known to knit a Princess Lea Wig 

This year I said I'm tired.  Ilin is too old and I always seem to have to work.  But as the days got closer I felt empty inside.  SO!!!!  i decided to try a lil sumpthin' , sumpthin'.  When we were in San Fran we stopped at this Steam Punk ( Distractions) store, and I saw these amazing Feather Mowhawks.  Upwards of $500.  I was mesmerized.  
I had tried earlier that day to get Olive to agree to be a Lucha Libre, because we were seeing those masks all over the Mission …for CHEAP.  she said NO way.  spoil sport.

All right…

I couldn't just do nothing.  we talked about a mime…or a princess…then I said, lets try a Feather Mowhawk
I did some googling
and headed out to find feathers.  
I couldn't find any great feathers, because once again I waited too long and didn't have time to order.  Hobby Lobby, junk stores, and any craft store had to work…oh yeah …plus 2 Feather dusters from Target.

I used this Link at Instructables to get started…He does a great easy job and his instructions are easy enough to follow.  He has a cool site too   HAR.MS
I added some of my own
Sew the hat part…
used Unicorn Buckrum  (love saying that)

added the support like the guy did
then Started messing with the feathers

What a mess

I know it doesn't look like much…
But, I think it will

I have to get back to work.  I have one more day to finish this becasue I have to RN for the next 2 days and her school festival is Saturday.

It's a bit too early to start drinking, although if I had some Bailey's or something I would add it to my coffee.

Bobby is not feeling well, which I believe is a way to get out of Halloween.

I'll keep you posted. 



kristen canavan said...

I just commented on a post of yours from like 2009 because I'm not super savvy (paying attention) but I love your blog. All of it.


kristen canavan said...

And then I commented twice because I kept failing the robot (old lady eyes) and thought I had to repeat the comment. So that's me at 7:51.


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