Friday, November 9, 2012

Circular Needle Holder …clothespins

Yesterday I started cleaning the craft/laundry room.   
I had all my circular needles (which I dont use very often because I have since acquired some knitpicks interchangeables) in a needle wrap...pretty unsuccessfully.   They were a mess.  
So….I came up with an easy fix

Off to Home Depot.
1 piece of steel/metal   1.58   1 inch wide and 1 foot long
clothespins                   1.29
magnets                       4.00
glue gun

You may have some of this stuff just hanging out.  I had magnets but I wanted stronger ones than my bottle cap magnets.
The metal strip I got has holes in it so that I can nail it to the wall….or because its magnetic, I can put it to metal.  Imagine that.

Painting the clothes pins would be quite fancy also.
 You can easily romove the needles.
 I'm sure you crafty people can make them look more hip
But I like the industrial look.


from-another-dimension said...

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Leanne Marie said...

You have a great blog here :)
this is a great post very cleaver..
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