Friday, December 21, 2012

Painted cookies

Holidays are right aroud the corner.
and guess what?
I have to work.
Saturday thru Tuesday…
Now I would say I'm not complaining , but I am.
I don't want to work 4 in a row.
Not over the holiday!
It pisses me off.

So, with that said, Ilin, Olive and I made cookies.
Shortbread and Gingerbread….
then we PAINTED THEM!!!!

I have never done this and it was so easy.
You need:
Royal icing
paint brushes
food coloring
and we used a little paint mixing bowl

we made royal icing:  
4 C. confectioners sugar
2 egg whites
lemon juice

beat the egg whites until firm, not stiff
add sugar and lemon juice, beat until smooth.

Frost the cookies, let them harden (this is why you use royal icing)  I'm not sure why royal icing has to taste so bad…just ignore that part, because I never eat the cookies anyways.
Once they are hardened you can dip the brushes into equal parts food color and water and paint away.

make sure you put down plenty of parchment/wax paper…unless your kids are meticulously clean.

Yes, there is a zombie reindeer and a cookie with pubic hair.

 I sure hope Santa is not offended, 
he never brings me what I as for any way.

Enjoy your holiday!


1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

Hey - you can paint your cookies without royal icing - just mix confectioner's sugar with a little milk - you want it liquid but not thin - it will be a lot of sugar with a little milk - put in the food coloring to get the colors you want and you are ready to paint - also, it tastes really pretty good.