Wednesday, January 16, 2013

365 days 1/16/13 "mom, what do you do all day?"

Every day they come home and say, "what do you do all day , Mom? "
My answer is always the same….
"you know, worked out, knitted, just relaxed."
But in reality:

I start the minute they leave.  Cleaning up the trail of shit  stuff they leave.
(This is the ugly kitchen I vow to redo as soon as it gets warm enough.)
Man I love oak cabinets and much as I love sardines.
I'm sure you can't really see the true mess.  
The sink is full of dishes from the lunch boxes, which I repeatedly asked them to clean out after school yesterday..., cereal bowls, glasses and grossness.
Compost which the teen was to take out when he left, but apparently just sat it there.
cabinets and drawers open….
This is what real life looks like.  
so, whenever you need a dose of reality to make your self feel good…click though my pictures.

And this is just the kitchen.  
So…what do I do MOST of the day.
Yeah, you got it.


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