Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Alopecia Sucks Update…. bummer

His hair started to come back.  
It apparently is on a 4 month schedule.
Well here's is the beginning of the next  round

These photos are right before we went to Studio Boom to get it shaved.
He left just a little in the front so that when he wears his hat , there is a bit of fringe in the front.
The third picture is the worst.
It is the first time it has started to fall out all connected istead of patches.
He tries to not be efected by it.  Plays the tough guy, but his grades are starting to reflect other wise.
It's hard to watch and not try to micro manage.
16 years old…it should be about making out and goofing off.
Not worrying about if your hat will stay on.

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