Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Everyday Napkins, How to

A few years back we took the challenge to stop using paper napkins and paper towels.  It was a lot easier than I thought, and has paid off immensly.
You can easily make 8 simple napkins to use for every meal in about 1 hour!

Here's what you need
2 yards Muslin (Approx $1.99/yard) I used the medium weight, feel free to use whatever
sewing machine
cutting board and rolling cutter (best investment I ever made !)

step 1:
use the fold of your Muslin
make a 15"x15" square on the fold
when you cut this you will have 2 ,15"x15" napkins!
do this 4 times= 8 napkins.

step 2:
Iron a 1/4" single fold around the entire napkin.  easy! (we are making it easy…no need for double fold)

 Step 3:
sew all the way around the napkin.  I used a decorative stitch…use whatever you like!

There you have it!  
These can be used then thrown right into the wash.  I don't even bother to iron them when they come out.  In the summer I hang them on the laundry line and they are ready.  when they get too stained I hand them to the hubby for garage rags and make new!

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Lapetitemort said...

And I use funky, fun cotton fabric portions too! Once washed a few times, they get pretty soft. =D