Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's and Green Juice

Happy New Year, 2013.  I slept right through it.  I did wake at 11:58, just in time to hear a few gunshots ,then right back to sleep.  
Today we started the day with cleaning of the teen's room.  2 hours of inhaling his dead skin flakes ,lost hair, and forcing him to part with clothes he has had since 7th grade.  He was finally able to sit in a clean area and start the New Year fresh.
We lounged about in our jammies, read, played the ukeleles and knit.  It was glorious.
In order to keep with the spirit ofthe new year we had our daily juice., which I am going to share .
it is kale, apple and carrot
Even the kids will drink that one.
It's a good way to get dark green veggies in.

so far this year, Life is good


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