Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Yoga Like a Rockstar

I'm not great at Yoga, actually I suck…but I love the idea…and the haughtiness it makes me feel after the fact.  It's like running.  You feel like a bad ass afterwards, you feel better than the masses.  
When I go to Yoga, I never see anything worth looking at.  This may be because I shouldn't be looking at anyone else…I should be concentrating on my Om.  Breathing as Strength and clearing my feeble mind.  Let me just say this.  If there was a Yoga class around with anything like this in it…you could sign me up for a lifetime membership.  I do realize I am too old to be looking at men, but men doing yoga, with a smile, whom occasionally bathes AND has tattoos.  I am IN. 

Please take a few minutes to practice your breathing, clear your mind of the mundane and fill your soul with these:

 Adam Levine can Rock Star my Yoga any day

I have a little thing for Russel so here he is too.

1 comment:

jeremy said...

I wish i have gorgeous body like that.

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