Thursday, March 7, 2013

Alopecia sucks, update hair

It pains me to post the pics, but I want other people to see that it happens, it happens quickly and they are not alone.
Although Ilin B has not come to terms, nor most likely will he ever come to terms with it, he still lets me take pics for documenting.
People always tell him to "just go bald"  
He hates it.
As he points out,  this is not "normal bald, this is odd bald" 

 Here is one of the only patches of hair that grows on the back side.  The front he has not cut for 3 years.
 You can see how smooth it is….you can also see the Native American he has in him with that nose.  Funny how 1/4 of Cherokee, or whatever it was passed right down from his dad.
 Any other small hair growth is white and fuzzy, like duck baby feathers.
He told me last night he hasn't shaved his head in 4 months, and this is it.
So the Dr was probably right.  He is heading to Total Alopecia.
Well, I'm thankful for Ilin Blue that beanie hats are in style for this age group.
Not sure what he will do for any other age.

I would say: This too shall pass, but…I think I'll stick with:
It is what it is

write ya later,


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Amber said...

Have you checked out the National Alopecia Areata Foundation, NAAF for short. They have support meetings all over the country, in my area they even have kids and teens meetings and special outings. Maybe meeting others with Alopecia will help him, and maybe meeting other parents who are going through this will help you. I know when I started losing my hair it was almost as hard on my mom as it was on me, the support group helped her too.

Jackies Mum said...

Hello, I am so sorry for your son's Alopecia. However it may not give him his hair back but gosh, I do love this comment:
"I would say: This too shall pass, but…I think I'll stick with:
It is what it is"
That quote alone made me feel better for suffering depression. Thank you and God bless.
PS loooove your new Doggie.