Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Goodness

We have been busy and NO ONE wants to do anything except stay home and play with this:

 Her name is Foxxy Brown 
and she came from Mile High Husky Rescue….we are very much in love.

Eddie is exhausted from all the playing he is now required to do with the puppy.

For Easter Olive and I tried some natural egg dye.  We did purple cabbage and then yellow onion skins.
look how pretty!  That is my hand, the eggs came from a local farm and were huge.  We dyed some brown ones too…which I always think looks cool.

I was off for 3 days, which was nice, but missed my teen, because he always goes to his Dad's for holidays.
it's ok, we will survive.

The weather was warm, but snow is in the forecast for tomorrow.
Was thinking of planting some spinach and lettuce…I think they can tolerate some snow.
I'll go check that out
Hope your spring break is fabulous

write ya later

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Archer said...

Glad you still post. I still read.