Thursday, May 23, 2013

Walking the Bridges…San Fran and Aunt Sally

We would have never actually walked the  bridge if she had not been so adamant about doing it.  She is on a mission to walk all the famous bridges in the US.  We were definitely not alone on the walk.  Clear blue and the perfect temperature, we walked as a family, each independent, but yet together…
Something we don't do very often.
My beautiful Aunt Sally, before the walk across the bridge
Thank you, Aunt Sally for voicing your wants…and making us follow your lead!
The same spot after the walk….what a beautiful day.

Family is hard, complicated, yet beautiful.  We went to celebrate one's birthday but came back feeling closer than ever to some we have not seen in years.
Each traveling their own path.
Cousins meeting cousins for the first time…
It was beyond wonderful.

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