Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Knitting Aidez slowly

Yesterday we took atrip with the LYS to Mitchell, NE to do a tour of the Brown Sheep Wool Factory.  Very interesting to see how wool yarn is spun at large quantities.
We took a tour bus, which is a story in itself.  I swear to God the driver lady was drunk.  She got lost twice…yes, not once, but twice! She played Elvis on the player and drove like a bat outta hell and there was no suspension on that bus.  At one point my friend sitting next to me, looked at me and with a slight smile said, "We are going to die, aren't we?  This is going to be it, our families are going to see us on FOX news…Bus full of knitters flipped in the ditch in Wyoming "  
We laughed for a minute then both fell quiet and continued to frantically knit while trying to ignore when the drive drove onto the 'braille' sides of the road.

My project for the bus had been Aidez.  My god, I have been working on the thing for a year and still have one sleeve left to do.  It's a great cardigan pattern, one of the popular ones on Ravelry.  When I started I had thought I would try to do it in the round, but then decided to just follow the pattern, because…I never follow the pattern.  It is 3 panels and raglan sleeves.  The pattern itself has been done in many modifications and all are awesome.  It is easy although it looks daunting and although I just said that I will be happy to be done with it and move onto another.

I used KnitPicks wool of the andes bulky in a cool orange/rust color.
Here is the first parts getting blocked.  Like I said I still have one sleeve to complete, but I just wanted to see it…and see it stretched.

I did do the sleeves partially in the round then went back to flat to save time with stitching it all together.  Some of the pro knitters scoffed at that, but I like to think outside the box

I will keep you posted on the completion of this beast!

Write ya later 

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Lapetitemort said...

That shit amazes me, don't know how you do it!
And I'm glad that you lived through your trip!!!