Sunday, September 29, 2013

Getting Laid on the wrong side of the age gap

The truth of the matter is…I need to get laid.  
There I said it.
If it's too much info for you, stop reading now, because knowing me it will only get worse and I dont often have control over my brain,mouth and writing.
See, I'm 44.  
I make an effort to be healthy.  I eat properly, I work out…I may not be super pretty, but I take care of myself.
I pride myself in being in pretty good shape.  
I even occasionaly shave my legs.
well, if I think someone may touch them or the sun my reflect off the length.
Back to my point.
My other half has lost interest.  I'm pretty sure it is in me, but could possibly in general.
When I asked the other day, he said…Yeah, I'm too tired…. rather just relax.
well…where does that leave me?
Short of getting a house boy, it leaves me to my own devices, which is never good…
or leaves me to finding another non sexual hobby…such as buying new furniture or vacationing.
Either one is fine.
Maybe I need a girlfriend.
I guess I will shop online for some new shoes…
run around the lake and knit some more.

that should fix it.
I'm leaving you with a picture to make you think…it could be worse.

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Lapetitemort said...

Ya know, I have a wonderful vibrating collection ~ it has been wonderful when the man is travelling. Just sayin', they make some fun ones now...