Thursday, September 19, 2013

I'm Back, Screw you

I haven't checked in for a while.  Maybe even long enough that people have stopped reading and I can write what I want and fuck the " oooh I offended someone" bullshit.
I have brought myself down to the shitty little computer room to google a few things but first let me introduce you to Boulder Beer Mojo IPA.  This awesome hippified place has been making micro brews since 1979.  Yes, Micro brews, and they still stand up to the new brews.  I love them.  So try one.
This is Mojo IPA alc 7.2%.  mmmmm
Also, I do realize there is way too much red/orange in this picture but this is what happens when you are  redhead.  Every thing clashes.

Let's see, this week my neighborhood was flooded out, natural disaster FEMA style.  Wow…it was unbelievable.  Mother Nature is PISSED OFF and we better think about changing that situation because if she keeps this shit up, we are all in trouble.
 My area of Longmont, Co.
I have survivor guilt because I live on a damn hill.  Nothing flooded and even better yet, my flipping grass is greener than the best day in spring.  So, If I didn't have any friends before I surely have none now.
It is very strange how disasters happen and time stands still for people involved but keeps right on going for un involved.  I tried to help as much as I could for friends.  we even went down and helped random people shovel, literally, shit out of their basement. 
Most people were very thankful…but I'm going to tell you something.  There was one house in the Greens we were helping and they acted like we were their maids.  They didn't even thank my son or me.  We SHOVELED SHIT while they argued with each other about what to do with the 3 motorcycles, golf cart and BMW.  Fuck them.  I did keep it together for my 16 year old because I was trying to show him the value of volunteering and helping people out…but when they said , "ok now move this pile to that pile, we need it done in the next 45 minutes because the truck is coming".  No thank you or smile...I did it then left,(note that I did what they asked like an idiot)  with steam coming outta my ears.  
I then decided, the great mentor I am to my son….I'm not helping anyone else.  screw it.  
Survivor guilt my ass.  
Not to all reading.  
Thank you and a bottle of water goes a long way.  A hug even farther.
When situations like this arise I wonder who would come to my aide when disaster struck me?  Zen type thinking tells me immediately I should not think this way.  Yet I do.  
When my other half was in the hospital for 9 days a few years ago, I had some calls and one person actually came and took my lil kid for the day (bless her, she knows who she is)….but other than that….nothing.
you live alone you die alone you better be able to survive on your own.
I cant even imagine dealing with a natural disaster. 

Well that's my update.
I hopefully will be back soon

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Lapetitemort said...

You are a good person. You were volunteering because it is something good. People suck, but you never will.