Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year's...It's resolution time....Just be awesome

Here we go.  
As I get older I start to set my goals more in the medium range, with a few fancy ones thrown in.  One of my friends has a great way of thinking of her new goals.  Make a goal...then add a bonus.  I like that.

1. girls weekend getaway.
2. travel...alone.
3. Motorcycle ride, camp, ride.
4.  read a book every other month
5. run a 10k ( my friend has run a 10k a month on her list....whaccco!)
6. Pottery class
7. Art class
8. Writing class (  scares me)
9. yoga my heart, mind, soul
10 get a passport   (seems silly huh?  it just is a lot of paperwork)

and remember...
write ya later,


Anonymous said...

I love these goals! Well, all of them except the motorcycle part! I am so not a fan of motorcycles or speed or anything of the sort! I rode a motorcycle around the block while holding on to my brother for dear life once. It was enough!

Anonymous said...