Thursday, February 13, 2014

Read it: Dear Girls Above Me

What I'm reading:
Dear Girls Above Me

more addictive than Post Secrets.

I'm attempting a book or more a month.  Which means I have thrown aside everything else.  I'm thinking of this as kind of a mini mind vacation, with occasional mind sex involved  (  I do have the 50 shades trilogy on hold at the library).

I get to sit on my ass, tune out and tune in.
Sounds great, huh

here's what I've completed so far.
Keith Richards Life      4 stars
Gone Girl        3 stars   ( the ending was horrible)

and I have 2 in the hopper.
what a life....

so while I rediscover my life, i will be noseying in on others.

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Lapetitemort said...

Sadly, I blasted through all three 50 Shades in 3 days, or rather staying up reading.....
I've been downloading free Amazon kindle books almost everyday. I've also been doing the mind vacation, mostly a mind smut vacation...
I may go back and reread the Anne Rice Sleeping Beauty ones too, just for extra kicks.