Friday, March 14, 2014

The waiting game

Called in sick today.  I have too much anxiety .  I was hoping one of the doctors would call with my pathology report but so far it doesn't look like that is going to happen.
the biopsy was Wed.  It was not as bad as I had imagined , that was until the stereophonic imaging machine broke and they had to call someone in to look at it with my poor titty in a plexiglas vice grip.  They did try to cover me a bit, but it seemed so ridiculous I couldn't even think straight.  There I was ...6 feet up in the air, right boob locked in through a hole in a god awful uncomfortable table, my ribs falling through because apparently they don't make a table for petite people, and people standing there trying to figure out why the imaging machine will not circle around to take the 3D type pictures.  After about 45 minutes the Dr. said, " I think we have it in the right place, I'm going to try and take the samples.  The other choice would be for you to come back and do it in surgery".
They did it then I went for what they call a "soft" mammogram .  They gently place your smoothed, deflated, bruised booby into the mammo machine and smoosh it one more time.   The radiologist said, " you want to see the pictures?"
Sure I do.  
She pointed out the little titanium marker the dr placed and showed where the micro-calcifications had been removed.  She pointed to one little spot.  Looks like they got all but one.

Now the waiting game.  She said I may not hear anything til Monday.  The bummer is, I know the pathology comes back in 24 hours....I'm a nurse.   But I can't make someone look at it if they don't want to.  So, here I sit.
It's going to be ok.  It is ...only 32% are malignant.  That gives me a good 68% chance of being A ok . ...for now any way.   Micro calcifications are precancerous from what I understand, so we will just have to see.
The bad news is I will be receiving the news at work on Monday if they don't call today.

Enjoy your weekend


Michele Gill said...

This is a Bitch! I am surrounded by those I love in my life with cancer. The yard, the furniture, the curtins mean absolutely NOtHING!Feel the sunshine on your face, the warmth of the bodies of those closest to you, and the promise of the greatness yet to come, inspite of your fear!!

v8grrl said...

thank you Michele :)