Saturday, March 8, 2014

Thoughts from the reaper

Past few days....

Wow, I really haven't had enough sex....or sex with people I want to have sex with
Why do I always put off vacation?
I wish my backyard was fixed up nicer.
Maybe I should tell the kids now so that they will be nicer.
Should I go to Disney World?
Fuck workin out!
Let's hire a maid.
Is that pain anxiety or do I all ready have mets?
Please make sure people I know tell funny stories about me instead of sad morose shit.
damnit, my motorcycle isn't even finished and I haven't been to Sturgis.
Thank god I didn't go back to school this year.
I should just eat sweets from here on out.
I miss my mom.

These are the kind of things you think of while waiting for a diagnosis.
I think a lot about the sex part.   I think waiting is making me horny....or maybe it's all the
hormones....whatever the case.... I really should not have been such a prude my entire life

I'll write ya later
Xo ,

1 comment:

Lapetitemort said...

Still sending out those vibes to you for good news.........
And I have been a horny bitch too and thinking those same thoughts and thoughts about missed opportunities with super hot guys because I was wretched with Catholic guilt...... course it could be the copious amounts of bdsm smut that I'm reading too.....
Blessed be those boobies so that you can get to doing some of what you dream about!