Monday, May 12, 2014

craft room and yarn hole! Lets do this thing

Shit shit and more shit.   
So today I start to fix and throw away and try to make something out of this place we call home.
It gets to a point where you have lived some where so long you don't really care any more, then one day you look around and say 
Jeesus, this place is a mess and we have such great space and I bet if someone else lived here they would make it nice

so I am going to make my space nice.
Of course as soon as I started the man came down and said you can't just cant just put stuff in here.
well why the hell not!?

Just go back out to your garage.

the front loader broke...I had to spend 600$ on a new washing machine on Mother's Day which really really pissed me off.  so that wont be here until 5/25.  that gives me time to paint.

I'll keep ya posted and in the mean time if you have any ideas via pinterest etc...send them my way


Queen of the Trailer Park said...

Soooo excited for you!!!!! I wait for Jim to go away on business trips due to the same man-interference problem...and that we don't have a garage for him to be sent to. Can't wait to see the after pics!

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