Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Too tiny for middle school

It's been a while, but I'm still here   Chugging along.  Making life go on   Which is something I have to do... Well , because it's life.   Right?  Right

Here's something to think about.  I took my daughter to middle school orientation.  She is toooooo small for middle school !   She's a puny lil thing with the biggest personality so I'm guessing she will survive .    Her friend kept saying , " don't worry , everyone will love her because she is so cute"
No, no no.
First thought ; how to make her ugly so no one thinks she is cute , but then I realized that is pretty shitty .
She pointed out that she really could fit in the locker and how will she reach the top shelf.
That's when I realized .... She's just a little kid. She had no worries.  Except the height of the top shelf

Listen , Olive,   You will reach any shelf you want to reach   I swear

Damn kid ;)
Next time we will make fun of my parenting fail with the teen

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