Friday, September 25, 2015

Don't be Cunty

Lately I have been receiving flack for using my ever favorite offensive word......


Go ahead , shake your head.....but it's a great word.  Not sure why it's so effective , but it is.  It rolls off the back of the tongue like a thick loogie.  
It's thick, that's the best way to describe the word.

try it....say it out loud

Someone the other day stated that someone else was being "cunty" and I about died laughing.
It's perfect and the description fit to a tee.  
There is not another word in the human language which will stop a women in her tracks so quickly.

Apparently it is a word not special to the English Language , but to all.
Here, check out Cherish the Cunt . ( you are welcome for that much needed history lesson)

I'm apparently not the only one
memes galore

So , today...
try not to be cunty,
and if you know someone who is being cunty....
tell them to just stop it
 or better yet...
send them a meme

write ya later,

1 comment:

Jen lassalle edwards said...

It is also one of my favorites. I like to use 'cuntzilla.' Go ahead, use it. =D