Monday, February 1, 2016

Midlife student crisis

This is Rose, not me.  
I was just reading about her at Ned Hardy.  She's 83 and back in school so at least I can feel better about not being the oldest student alive.
Have I told you lately how much I hate school?  
I especially hate school because I really have no need to go back to school except for my place of employment has demanded everyone have a Bachelor's degree in 5 years.
I'm almost 50....
I don't find school fun, exciting or enlightening.   
I find free time exciting, not midterms.
I find using my extra hard earned money for vacation and liquor exciting....
not for text books.

I have no interest in getting a Masters degree or such....
I am interested in saving for retirement and my little home

this shit pisses me off

But I'm glad Rose is enjoying the life of a student.
Good for her....
plus I think college is free when you are her age.
Good for Rose....

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