Saturday, March 19, 2016

Easy Patio Chair Cushion Recover. DIY

So, as I cleaned up the deck, the one day the weather was nice, I noticed the chair cushions were nasty...nasty ....nasty...
The female that I am headed to the Home Depot to get new ones.
They were anywhere from $18.00- 32.00 each!!!!
Holy Heck.
So just like I did when I covered the swing chair cover, I decided to cover these old things, again.  This is the 3rd time I have recovered.
I wanted to do an easy tutorial because , even though I sew and read and follow a ton of tutorials, sometimes even the most "simple" ones are not so simple.
I guarantee if you can cut a shape (no pattern needed), sew a line with a sewing can do this one

junk you need:
2 yard+ fabric.  
I needed 2 yards of large bolt upholstery fabric
 and this was actually weather resistant.
I purchased it from Hancock Fabrics, on sale, in the crap section, for 9$ a yard.
Sewing machine

OOOH yucky 
 Step 1: lay out your fabric (doubled) and figure out how those cushions will fit so that the shape can be cut.  
 Step 2: Cut out leaving about 3/4" or so all the way around.  no need to be perfect.  just cut out the shape, like kindergarten.  Remember, the fabric is doubled so when you cut you are cutting out 2 at one time.

Step 3: Probably cut out all at once, but I cut out one pillow at a time, because I like instant satisfaction and I want to see what it will look like.  
Once cut, put RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER.  You can pin at this point almost all the way around , but leave one side open so that you can get that ugly cushion inside it.  
Step 4: I start my sewing, with right sides together, about 3 inches up and head south, turn and go all the way around then stop about 3 inches into the las side.  that way it leaves the opening for the cushion cramming.
Remember! right sides together... and I sew about a 3/4 seam, but we aren't picky.  Just sew! we don't want difficult.

Step 5: put the ugly cushion in the new cover.  
Oh my, that is a lot of pattern going on there.  Sorry, its the ironing board cover clashing with the cushion cover.   
 Step 6: OK...the hardest part.  Now that the cushion is safe inside take the opening and iron the area where you are going to sew it closed into about a 3/4 fold.  it will match with what is all ready sewn. 
This just makes it easier to sew it closed in a few.  If you are super crafty feel free to put a zipper in, but if you know how to put a zipper win, you won't be reading this simple tutorial. 
 Step 7: This is where I pin the opening closed.  see?

 Step 8: Now take it back to your sewing machind and sew it on the outside at about a 1/4 inch topstitch.  I just line the outside of my presser foot with the fabric and sew that hole closed.
Don't worry if its a little wonky, your rear end is going to be sitting on this. If one of your friends looks that closely, they need to be scolded.
Step 9:  Pat self on back and go buy a 20$ bottle of wine because you will still be ahead on cash flow after the wine!

good job!
I'll take final pictures when the snow melts from my patio chairs.

Write you later,
feel free to share.

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