Saturday, April 23, 2016

DIY Garden Glass Globe Mushrooms

It is still not full blown Spring here in Colorado, but in between blizzrds we get some nice 78 degree weather.  Still too cold to start gardening, but we do start tidying up the beds.
It keeps all of us gardner types happy for a while.
While taking a break from pulling dandelions I decided to make a few things.
I like the way mushrooms look and I really wanted some yard art for my , well for my yard.
I was flipping through Pinterest and saw some glass mushrooms.
Easy enough.
I see light fixture leftovers at every thrift store so we went on an excursion to find them.
$4.25 later I had the makings for 2 LED garden mushrooms

you , too, can have these.

Junk you need:
(for 2 mushrooms)
4 vase like sconces or whatever you think will work and look cute for mushroom stem
2 Large light fixture bowls
(see picture)
2 LED light candles *or you can use real candles just be careful
lock tite glue or gorilla glue

 Here are the old lamp parts
I put a piece of tape here to hold the little LED "flickering candle"
But if you are using candles, do it like a pumpkin, or you could use those LED little string lights.

See ,stack it up .
I actually did not glue anything but if I was going to glue I would only glue the "stem" and leave the cap removable

There they are.
They are going to look great when all the little flowers are popping up around them


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